Saturday, May 25, 2013

Motorized Airplane Mobile

Take a look at a project Dawna made this week using a hobby motor, AA battery, wire, and a plastic bottle:

watch it go:

How to Make It Yourself:
1@ 3 volt hobby motor
1@ AA battery
about 2 feet of rebar wire or other stiff wire
about 4 feet of small gauge copper wire
1@ paper clip
1@ rubber band
1@small jumper cable clip
1@small piece of cardboard or foamcore to make the wings
1@ plastic propeller
1@ large snap swivel

Attach the motor and battery to opposite ends of the rebar wire. 
Connect the battery poles to the motor poles to create a circuit.
Make a switch with the alligator clip and paperclip.
Glue the "wing" to the top of the motor.
Center the propeller to the motor axle.
Hook the swivel to the center of the rebar wire so the motor and battery are in balance.

Visit the Discovery Center to make your own and take it home. We always provide free materials for projects made on site!